✒By Debdas Mukherjee

Environment or Nature whatever we call has its own way to correct, reboot and save itself from the imbalance that disturbs the ecological evolution due to human interventions. With our progress on frontiers with zeal to concur the Nature, and all of a sudden, we happen to face something as ‘Trivial’ as the corona, a tiny little virus that has shaken the entire world and forced us to stay confined to our homes.Even the weapons that we so proudly and passionately discovered and produced to threaten each other, all remain nothing, inadequate and useless in front of a tiny little virus that hardly weighs 0.0000000001 mg.What is more it is so powerful that it can destroy the entire human race without any big bang, silently travelling across the globe taking its toll.

No cause, what so ever could have such a spontaneous response from society to get themselves HOUSE ARRESTED (Lockdown) only to prevent Spreading of this deadly soundless weapon having no color, no smell and not even be seen with naked eyes, yet so powerful that it can wipe the whole human population within just a fortnight time!

We go for astrological guidance where all Astro-pandits do predict various future difficulties that we would encounter, but surprisingly no one ever predicted  CORONA, such a powerful weapon that was on its way,however the fact remains that this weapon is so powerful to dodge any radar that we have ever developed.So it will be in future a good subject for the concerned researchers to develop such radar to detect it.

With all said and all done I look at it as a blessing in disguise for all of us. It’s Nature’s way to teach us a lesson that with such scenarios the entire world has got lesson to be close to their family and be disciplined in leading life. The air quality has improved tremendously all over the world for the minimum vehicles plying. People have learnt to follow good hygienic practices of ‘Social Distancing’ or betterti say PHYSICAL DISTANCING. All political power and influences at least are trying hard to forget their differences and are concentrating on saving their own country from this creeping silent killer. All political leaders have kept their differences at bay and all are trying to stand hand in hand on one platform. Does that not sound like a boon to human fraternity instead of curse? Yes indeed it is, although we must pay our earnest homage to all those who have lost their lives under COVID 19,especially the doctors, health workers and the security are unparalleled in their efforts their sacrifice be seen as a lesson for all those are still alive and safe from this tragedy.

It’s a grim fact though that the financial impact of this change in course of human activity will have grave consequences yet the same, if compared to the multisided benefits, is negligible which perhaps we are not really looking into, may be because, we are too busy fighting COVID 19 pandemic.Economy has also evolved because of our own greed of accumulating more than basic needs and on that front also we have all to learn to survive with a very little of what we have and therefore, economic considerations of what we have lost is  meaningless against what we have gained in terms of social awareness, fighting a ‘Spirit’ without a weapon, surviving with basic needs, making career and taking care for each other irrespectively across all religion, castes or creed is more valuable than any economic consideration. Then only the real values will arouse to make human a better social animal than that of animal world which never needed such lessons and therefore they have no threat from COVID 19, well that’s the Nature, the most powerful entity on mother earth So it’s time we should learn to respect and be aligned with Nature’s way to grow and let continue its sustainable format of evolution.

To sum up, we should look this outbreak as blessing to humanity wherein we all have learnt to be patient, aligned, conclusive and above all respect our Nature with all earnest desire, learn from it towards being better careful and caring human being. Our forest, our oceans, our animal kingdom and our environment all have a harmonious amalgamation and we should not disturb in the zeal for more.

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